Suntory To Send Whiskey Into Space

Different CompositionJapanese distillery Suntory are taking on the final frontier of Whiskey ageing by sending a selection of their world famous beverages into orbit.

In cooperation with JAXA, one of the first companies to put Japanese whiskey on the map are now going to be sending samples of their products to the International Space Station’s Japanese Experiment Module, also known as “Kibo”, to experiment on the “development of mellowness in alcoholic beverage through the use of a microgravity environment”.

The samples will be separated into two groups, both of which will be delivered on August 16, 2015, with group 1 returning in after a 13 month period, while group 2 will remain on board for at least two years. Suntory will also be storing identical samples in Japan to act as a control to the experiment.

The space experiments will be conducted to verify the effect of the convection-free state created by a microgravity environment to the mellowing of alcoholic beverages.

When the samples return they will be tested using a number of techniques including Xray and substance diffusion to analyse the high-dimensional structure of the liquid.

Suntory will not be putting these specific drinks on sale however, if the experiment is a success, it shouldn’t be too long before you can toast your adventures with the space aged spirits.


See the Lexus Hoverboard in action

Lexus have released the first official footage of their Shover hoverboard.

As can be seen in the above footage, pro skater Ross McGouran flies around the worlds first hover park as Lexus demonstrates their desire to create enjoyment out of motion.

The hoverboard works as a superconductor by using liquid nitrogen to lower its temperature to -197 degrees Celsius creating a magnetic field that allows the board to hover a constant height relative to a magnet. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take the ‘shover’ to your local skate park just yet as it requires a magnetic track, buried beneath the park in the demonstration, to be able to stay on course.

The superconductor also creates water vapour as it heats up causing the smoking effect at the start of the video, which makes the board look as cool as the tech contained within it.

Lexus have indeed  “made the impossible, possible”.